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Personal Training

Wellness Retreats

Get lasting results with a focus on Mindset,Nutrition,,Wellness.

 4-1 or 1-1  training with Sarah Smith.

3 mnth, 6 mnth, 12 mnth memberships



"Disconnect to Reconnect" March 25th/26th

Our two day Wellness Retreats include movement,digital detox,nutrition and mind health. Join us and learn the art of self care and wellbeing

Clean Eating

Positive Mindset

Clean eating a is a huge part of fitness. Our ladies succeed because we give them the tools and knowledge to create healthy habits in the kitchen

Galway Kettlebell Club thrives off helping clients create a more positive mindset through tools such as gratitude journals, chunking(break things down) affirmations, meditations

Busy Babe Bootcamp

The Galway Kettlebell Club offers group training with Sorcha on Mon/Wed/Fri @6pm - Join anytime

We work with ketttelbells, barbells, bosu balls


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Galway Kettlebells at Galway Hibs Club House, located beside Galway Shopping Centre, Headford Road, Galway