90 Day Challenge

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Boss Lady 90 Day Challenge

Boss Lady Kickstart

28 Days only €199


Join us for our next 90 or 28 Day Online Challenge




Our challenges are designed for busy women

Who want to gain energy and confidence, fit into their wardrobe again.


Get rid of a stubborn body fat, without having to eat celery sticks or rabbit food.

Or spend hours doing boring cardio at the gym.



Do you feel like your health and fitness is getting away from you?


Fed up of the gym or simply cannot find the time to exercise?


Telling yourself I'll start on Monday and never do?


Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes you can't fit in to?


Dislike shopping as the labels you want just don't wear like they used too?


Eating the same foods and not getting results?

want to learn how to do bulk food prep?


Feeling guilty for not taking action?


You are now at a cross roads and don't know where to turn but don't panic!


I can relate to all these struggles.

Ive been there.

I can help you to accelerate forward at a faster pace

with my 14 years experience and knowledge.

Prevent you from repeating patterns with no results.




via our online forum,video and phone support coaching system.


(*100% Money Back Guarantee)


This is designed to completely transform your health, fitness and improve your body confidence and relationships.



Due to the nature of this program the following criteria must be met in order to apply so we are a good fit:


Do you fit into the following criteria?


Are between 30-65 years old

Have a positive attitude

Willing to work Online and be accountable weekly

Keen to get fit,toned, lean and healthy

Want more energy and focus

Fed up of boring, overcrowded commercial gyms

Prepared to train at home or gym 3 x 30-60 mins a week.

Want to be able to enjoy clothes shopping again.

Prepared to follow an adaptable nutrition program.


Willing to work with unique training,nutrition and lifestyle coaching


Willing to apply and listen to our coaching methods?

The Boss Lady 90 Day Challenge

is like nothing you have ever experienced before.


We offer ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT How it Works?




Learn how you can CHOOSE how you feel


Gain clarity through mindset training


-Find out where your mind is SET on body confidence,earning money,getting fit,relationships,career etc


Learn how to adjust the setting on where your minds SET on areas of your life


-Learn the art of self-care -De-stress and de clutter the mind -Change your thought process


-Get rid of limiting beliefs and patterns -Use tools such as ....


visualizations,affirmations,manifestations and gratitude journals to change your life


NUTRITION-NO faddy food plans -No calorie counting -No starving yourself -No shakes n bars -No celery sticks n rice cakes


EXERCISE -Discover what exercise/activity works best for YOU


How to get the most out of gym memberships -How to exercise when feeling demotivated and stressed


What exercises to do when on holidays or traveling

How to do and weight training,kettlebells,dumbbells




Coaching from highly experienced trainer -Weekly Return n Report -Food Diary templates -Group Video chat weekly -Goal setting for 90 Day Outcomes -Support via phone/email/video -Live video trainings -Support from others


Want to join a group with similar goals who are already getting amazing results? Online. Limited Places




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your only one click away from a new you!






The Boss Lady

Sarah X

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