# bosslady

Become the Boss of Your

Body and Mind

So excited to launch

My new Mindset challenge for women


14 Day BossLady Challenge

"Become The Boss of Your Body and Mind"


Who is it for?............


BossLady is looking for 10 busy women

Whom are a good fit for our program


Who want change in their lives

To reduce stress,

Feel better about themselves

Get toned,lean

healthy and happy


A bespoke 14 Day Mindset program online


Designed by PT and coach Sarah Smith


For busy women


Aged 25-55 to finally regain control of their lives☀


So they can get lasting results

And become the best version of themselves possible

Without feeling guilty or selfish

For spending time on their overall health


BossLady is NOT a random meal

or workout plan on the internet


Its a REAL experienced based,

NO nonsense accountability program✍


For  women who want to look

And FEEL better

About themslevess


The program incorporates valuable Mindset tools


To help you get your ideal body in an easy and fun way

With lasting results

so you can feel comfortable in your own skin❤


In 14 Days.....


-Discover whats holding you back✔


-Learn how you can reach your goals for 2018✔


-Break old thought patterns to discover a new you✔


-Learn how to enjoy food without restriction✔


-Get rid of non action anxiety and guilt about your health✔


-Finally fit into your wardrobe and feel great about yourself✔


-Learn how to enjoy exercise and never skip a workout again✔


-No more faddy meal plans or hours at the gym✔


-Get rid of old stories about why you cant get results✔


-BossLady PT,athlete and coach with over 14 years experience✔


14 Day Online Challenge

Starts January 29th

Introductory price only  €99





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Look forward to hearing from you


Sarah X❤


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