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Become the Boss of Your

Body and Mind

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What Is It?

BossLady 14 DAY PROGRAM🔥

Become The Boss Of Your Body and Mind






Finally regain control of your life


Feeling guilty....

For spending time on YOU and your overall health and fitness🥑🏃‍♀🧠



"Become The Boss of Your Body and Mind"

3 month,6 month or 12 month option


*Book in for a discovery call to find out more about your goals for 2018



BossLady enables busy women aged 25-55 to finally gain control of their lives with a real experienced based,no nonsense program.


So they can get lasting results and be the best version of themselves possible

Without feeling guilty or selfish for spending time on their overall health


BossLady is not a random meal plan and workout on the internet,its a real life,bespoke lifestyle program.


Its a real accountability program for real women,incorporating Mind,Body and Soul


Remind your Mind and Body whos boss!

BodyBoss, MindBoss and FoodBoss coaching

with Sarah Smith


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Does This Sound Like You ?

  • Always saying you will start Monday?
  •  Tried every diet plan going?
  •  Joined gyms but never get results?
  •  Feel like a failure when you don’t stick to plans?
  •  Don’t make time for yourself and always putting others first?
  •  Get overwhelmed  and get "food moods"?
  •   Always expect fast results?
  •  Turn back at the first sign of failure?
  •  Feel overworked?stressed,unclear of what to do to lose weight?
  •  Get stuck in the past?
  •  Confused about foods and what's best to eat?
  •  Want to improve mindset but don’t know where to start?

If the answer to any of these questions is Yes,

NOW is the time...


14 day mindset challenge starts January 22nd



Check Out How These Boss Ladies Are Crushing Their Goals!

Boss Lady Club

  • Helps busy women
  • Boost energy n confidence
  • Shift stubborn body fat
  • Without eating rabbit food or hours of boring cardio


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